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[Parution US] Critical Insights: The Hobbit - Druss - 30.09.2016

Un volume des Critical Insights avec pour sujet Le Hobbit paraît ce mois-ci. J'en parle essentiellement pour la dernière contribution au volume dont vous reconnaîtrez l'auteur, et malgré le prix prohibitif du volume. Il y a quelques autres noms intéressants : Fisher, Swank et Lobdell notamment.

Citation :Table of Contents


Stephen W. Potts: The Portal to Middle-earth


Kelly Orazi: J. R. R. Tolkien’s World: Cultural and Historical Influences on Middle-earth’s Subcreator

Alicia Fox-Lenz: An Unexpected Success: The Hobbit and the Critics

Jason Fisher: The Riddle and the Cup: Germanic Medieval Sources and Analogues in The Hobbit

John Rosegrant: Bilbo Baggins, Harry Potter, and the Fate of Enchantment

Critical Views

Hannah Parry: “Of Gold and an Alloy”: Tolkien, The Hobbit, and Northern Heroic Spirit

Jared Lobdell: “Witness Those Rings and Roundelays”: Catholicism and Faërie in The Hobbit

Kris Swank: Fairy-stories that Fueled The Hobbit

Josh Brown: Poems and Songs of The Hobbit

Sara Waldorf: A Turning Point: The Effect of The Hobbit on Middle-earth

Jelena Borojević: The Hobbit: A Mythopoeic Need for Adventure

Kayla Shaw: Growing Up Tolkien: Finding our way through Mirkwood

Aurélie Brémont: How to slay a dragon when you are only three feet tall

RE: [Parution US] Critical Insights: The Hobbit - Elendil - 21.10.2016

105 $, on peut effectivement dire que c'est prohibitif...